Allied Orphans Outreach-AOO

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Who we are

The story of AOO begins with a subset of the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) known as the AIDS orphans. These are children who have lost one or both (which is the majority cases) parents to AIDS. It is our understanding that there are several needs related to such cases but our prime call is toward the AIDS orphans with our sponsorship bid focusing on Western Kenya region.

Central aspect of our outreach is child sponsorship. The primary model which is centered on child sponsorship allows the sponsor to get in touch with and develop a relationship with their sponsored child.

The sponsorship aims at empowering the children to be and achieve all that God wants them to become in the future. Once the spiritual as well as the economic and social issues are addressed, the children who hitherto had no hope would develop into members of the society who are empowered and ready to make positive impact in their own lives, the family back at home, the church as well as the society.

We look forward to vision trips that will expose the sponsors and potential donors to the needs and witness the work that shall have been done by them. This will help the sponsors to connect better and in person with the children and experience the context within which the child lives, hence creating closer bonds with the family.